Friday, 22 October 2010

Disappointed? Me? Not with a book in sight

I hate it when my plans don't come together. I wanted to go on a pub walk today and take some pictures of course, but alas, I was attacked by a serious case of stomach cramps, of the...eerm...women's problems variety. So I had to stay at home.

Finding myself almost bedridden for a day I decided to continue reading the book I'd started last night. This is not a book related to travel in anyway, bar the fact that you might be interested in the country in question as I am but I highly recommend it. Frankly, I'm not even keen on politics, but I like reading books like these.

Putin And The Rise Of Russia

And then of course there is a book that I really can't recommend enough.

Bangkok Days
I read it three months ago. It's hilarious, raunchy, sad, romantic. It's all there. You'll be captivated by the stories of shameless expats yet still be impressed by the chaotic beauty that is Bangkok. Osborne is an impeccable writer.

Here is a great and insightful interview with him.

What are you currently reading?

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