Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Virtual platform

I've never understood what the deal is with trainspotting. Why would anyone want to spot trains? Note down train sightings, railway equipment and then what? Do trains stir an a strange but wonderful feeling in the their groins? Is it the same feeling like the one I have when I watch cute kitty videos on YouTube? Or when I see a lonesome cat when walking in the street and get that weird feeling of wanting to stroke it, pet it or even steal and make it mine? Is that it? I've never known why, maybe an avid trainspotter would care to let me know because just the other day, I came across something that left me even more puzzled.

A website dedicated to the train geeks out there. It has a live web cam so you can watch the trains naked if you want, with a live chat room to engage with fellow trainspotters. The web cam features the West Coast Mainline Railway Line in Euxton, Lancashire and it is, apparently, one of the few live streaming railway web cameras in the world and the only one of it's kind in the UK. I found the idea quite amusing although it seems only natural what with technology creeping up in everything we do these days. .

Do you happen to be a trainspotter? Love the idea or do you prefer the 'real' thing?

*photo courtesy of ukrailwaypics

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