Friday, 1 October 2010

Style in Falmouth, Cornwall

Events Square, Falmouth. Five minutes walk from the High Street

I thought I'd mention two of my favourite 'not-your-usual' clothing stores in Falmouth.

Secrets Boutique
This is an impressive little boutique on Church Street. Inside, amazing beauty awaits. Stocked with colourful little dresses, skirts, scarves, hats and other eclectic accessories, you’ll soon find that you are spoiled for choice. A bit pricey if I might add, but this is not New Look. This is authentic material, carefully selected to suit a daring and experimental taste. Oh, and you can not find this online. I asked one of the lovely ladies why this was so, and she told me what I already suspected: They like to remain exclusive. Now there is a perfect reason to visit Falmouth.

You can call them on 01326 313003 for any enquiries beforehand.

Kit Boutique
This is another quirky and chic little boutique shop on the Falmouth high street. Head here for a selection of gorgeous ladies shoes, a collection of cute little dresses and other vintage treats. Kit Boutique, luckily enough is available online.

For phone enquiries call 01326 218778

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