Sunday, 3 October 2010

One for those lazy summer days

Autumn is here and Tesco already has a Christmas ad out, but for me summer this year was glorious. A compensation from the awful snow we had last winter? Probably. Sometime in August a friend of mine invited me for a drink on a very lovely summer afternoon. We were in Redhill, Surrey and he mentioned a pub he loved.

The Inn on the Pond.

I thought, what a nice little name for a pub. And in Redhill? Not that Redhill is an unpleasant place mind, it's just a tad bland. Since I had nothing to do I agreed to the drinks. There was a surprise waiting for me. The Inn on the Pond, just like the name conjures, is a beautiful little country pub. A typical Surrey pub with a large bar serving a range of drinks including some great local ales, a spacious dining area and a fantastic view over Nutfield Marshes. On this particular day - because we had a lot of time on our hands - we ordered a bottle of white wine and headed outside to while the afternoon away. We sat on a bench right next to the pond. A few feet from us a white horse was idly grazing away, while behind him a beautiful country house stood there as if beckoning a photographer to capture it's elegance. Sadly, I didn't have my camera with me but I never stop thinking about that dreamy image.

The pub has a log burner and an open fireplace, which I'm sure comes in very handy during the dreary winter to keep you warm and cosy, if not eeerm, a bit drunk like I was afterwards!

*photo taken from the pub's facebook page

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