Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Smells like Christmas

Probably the main reason I love winter - and why sometimes I say it's my favourite season of the year although really it isn't* - is because of the Christmas adverts. There is something about most of them that makes me all warm and fuzzy, and usually leaves me feeling really lazy and wanting to snuggle and cuddle up deep in a duvet and never venture outside ever again, especially the ones that show snow. They make me ludicrously happy. Christmas movies make me feel this way too. Unfortunately up to date I haven't seen one to put on my favourite list. I usually have a favourite list for every year, but hey, it's still November, so I still wait for one. Although I'd like to say all the Co-op TV ads are great, mainly because of the use of Gabriella Cilmi's song (I don't like her but this song is her best)

Since I don't have a favourite Christmas ad yet, I'm going to post the ad I currently hate the most. It's not a Christmas ad but I seem to notice it all the time these days.

First of all, whoever is doing the voice over for this? Bad. Bad. Badly dubbed. There's the original French version somewhere on YouTube, I couldn't be bothered to find it.

Second of all, if the yogurt was sour why did she keep buying and eating it? I mean really who would put up with yogurt that made you pull such a face?

Finally, pleasure makes you beautiful? How exactly? I mean really, how? The girl's face is still the same before and after, and she isn't unfortunate looking before and after either, so what was the point of that line?

Yes, I have too much time on my hands. Slagging off TV adverts just happens to be one of the activities that I fill this time with.

*It shares the top spot with other seasons which usually change depending on the year I have.

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