Monday, 1 November 2010

They are coming to get you...

Hoping every one had a wicked Halloween. I spent mine in a state of near sozzled~ness. Pub walks, entertained some stubborn trick or treaters, then settled down for the usual dish of gore from the telly. Apart from the brilliant Psychoville Halloween Special, there was this extra special Agathe Christie drama - well to me at least - that was shown on ITV sometime last week, with the amazing Zoe Wanamaker. I missed it when it was on so I watched it again last night.

Why special? Because Mark Gatiss wrote the screenplay! I love the guy and I'm a big fan of horror and crime dramas. And as if they knew, they had him all over BBC Four in the last two weeks. Brilliant stuff. The writing was impeccable. I'll probably buy this on DVD.

Now I hope I can go to bed and get some sleep. I'll be busy buried in a book tomorrow but might probably find the time to go for a walk and put more pictures up.

**Wasn't that Halloween google doodle amazing?

What did you get up to this Halloween?

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